Torre INBISA – Recharge management software benchmark in energy transformation







Torre INBISA – Recharge management software benchmark in energy transformation

With the aim of contributing to environmental care and energy transformation policy in the business sector, Torre INBISA decided to implement a strategy to support electric mobility to reduce the carbon footprint produced by its users’ cars. This strategy was part of the MOVES III sustainable mobility incentive programme, thanks to which it was possible to install a charging system in the car’s parking, located in Plaza Europa in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.


Electric mobility in Barcelona

The project includes the electrical and communications pre-installation so the 237 parking spaces in the car park can be connected to the system. The total admissible power is 346 kW, which allows for the simultaneous charging of 93 spaces, representing almost 40% of the total.

In addition, 51 charging points have been installed (21% of the spaces), making it one of the largest car parks with electric vehicle charging spaces in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Chargers and a technical support programme for the subsequent maintenance of the entire system have also been installed, so that Torre INBISA can guarantee the functionality of its electric charging devices, both for its employees and its regular visitors.


Etecnic is the company in charge of designing the system that has become an example of energy transformation in the business sector in the province of Barcelona.


EVcharge is the company responsible for providing the system operating software for the Torre INBISA project, centralising the management of recharging in a single control panel, allowing users to access charging, while administrators can monitor the use and billing of the installed devices. This also ensures that the system’s analysis and administration processes are carried out transparently, so that users can enjoy an objective recharge service that does not generate cost overruns for either workers or managers.


Zero emission targets in Spain

The MOVES III electric mobility incentive programme aims to provide support for the installation of charging infrastructure in public and private spaces to encourage the use of cleaner vehicles. With this programme, Spain is expected to meet its goal of zero CO₂ emissions mobility by 2050. This is why, for EVcharge and Etecnic, it has been very gratifying to participate in the design and implementation of the charging infrastructure for Torre INBISA, which has been a success for this organisation and has set a precedent in the business sector in Barcelona.

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