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Manage your electric vehicle fleet recharging infrastructure with a comprehensive software solution.

Electric Vehicle Recharging Platform for fleet Operators
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Boost your business with EVcharge

EVcharge helps you meet your business’s needs
Make your business more sustainable
Reduce operating costs and electrify your fleet
Minimize electricity installation costs
Manage maintenance
Maximize energy efficiency
Make the most of your investment


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Make your business more sustainable

Reduce your business’s CO2 footprint. Become more ecological and sustainable. Provide your employees and customers, etc., with the opportunity to recharge their electric vehicles.

Reduce the operating costs of your fleet and go electric

Switch to an electric vehicle fleet and reduce operational costs for your cars. The saving on a combustion engine car vs. an electric car represents 15% over 100,000 kilometres.

Maintenance management

EVcharge makes maintaining your recharge network or outsourcing this service easier. The EVcharge self-repair and 24/7 service systems mean you can respond to your customers remotely.

API integration

EVcharge enables integration with third-party systems via API: ERP, CRM, EMS, GIS, etc. It optimizes management by feeding your business intelligence and big data systems, etc.

Energy efficiency

Achieve better energy efficiency with EVcharge. EVcharge integrates with self-generation and energy storage systems, dynamically balancing recharging to minimize both the cost of electricity consumption and installation.

Total use management

The EVcharge management module enables you to manage users, differentiate internal users who charge for free from external users who will have to pay for charging, establish tariffs and perform a time control, as well as organize maintenance tasks, analyze consumption, loads and income, etc.

Secure payment

EVcharge makes recharging payment easy and provides the opportunity to generate tariffs based on time, kW and occupation of space, etc. EVcharge works with various gateways and payment methods.

Constant evolution

EVcharge is your road map to the best advances in market standards: OCPP, OCPI, IEC, EN, ISO-15118, amongst others.

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