Quality and Environmental Policy

ETECNIC ENERGY & MOBILITY commits to ensuring that the quality of the services provided is a true reflection of each client’s expectations in order to guarantee the long-term success of the company. For this reason, ETECNIC establishes and assumes the following principles of action:
  1. The Quality and Environmental Policy defined by ETECNIC is fully appropriate to the purpose of the organization as well as to the nature, magnitude, and environmental impact of the activities developed.
  2. The final quality of the products and services provided by ETECNIC is the result of the execution of planned actions aimed at customer satisfaction. These actions, in turn, derive from tasks of detection, prevention, correction, and continuous improvement.
  3. ETECNIC commits to the general compliance with all legal, regulatory, and other requirements subscribed by the organization related to environmental aspects, as well as to the interests of clients and authorities. It also commits to preventing pollution.
  4. The expectations of the clients are the essential criterion for establishing the quality standard of our company’s services.
  5. Each collaborator of ETECNIC is responsible for carrying out their tasks in accordance with the established quality standards and continuous improvement. Likewise, all contributions, suggestions, and proposals will be examined and incorporated with the aim of improving the Quality and Environmental Management System of the organization.
  6. The proper application of the Policy requires the collaboration and full integration of all ETECNIC For this reason, the Management considers the motivation and training policies of each and every one of the collaborators as priorities.
  7. ETECNIC establishes a system to analyze the behavior of its critical processes and periodically sets and reviews quality and environmental objectives.