Service stations

Benefit from electric mobility business opportunities

The electric vehicle charging platform for Service Stations and Petrol Stations
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Boost your business with EVcharge

EVcharge helps you meet your business’s needs
Attract EV drivers to your business: don’t let your customers get away
You are the owner and the benefits are yours
Offer SMART PRICING for your customers
Retain your customers by offering promotions
Open your channel of direct communication with your customers
Your customers make payments safely and easily


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Gain customer visibility

Know your customers’ charging habits and diversify your range of services. Open your service station to all EVcharge users and through interoperability, available via OCPI, to all the electric vehicle drivers of others (EMSPs).

Increase earnings

Introduce personalized charging tariffs for drivers who recharge at your service station. Increase your earnings as the volume of electric vehicles on the road is growing, since electric vehicle drivers spend an average of 20 minutes in station facilities when they use fast chargers whilst using other nearby services.

Optimize energy management

EVcharge helps you quickly optimize your current infrastructure without service interruption. Minimize the cost of electrical installation, apply smart energy management that includes photovoltaic panels and other energy storage systems.

Your station, your rules

Charging electric cars is an essential service for electric vehicle drivers. Your customers trust your services and will want to continue coming to your service station to recharge their car. Grow customer loyalty and stop them going over to the competition.

Energy efficiency

Achieve better energy efficiency with EVcharge. EVcharge integrates with self-generation and energy storage systems, dynamically balancing recharging to minimize both the cost of electricity consumption and installation.

Stand out from the competition

Get a competitive edge and attract new electric car drivers with your recharging points. Offer your customers positive charging experiences.

Payment management

EVcharge makes recharging payment easy. Choose how you want customers to pay and offer promotions and discounts by sending notifications.

Total use management

The EVcharge management module enables you to manage users, differentiate internal users who charge for free from external users who will have to pay for charging, establish tariffs and perform a time control, as well as organize maintenance tasks, analyze consumption, loads and income, etc.

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