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Turn your city into a Smart City and get ready to promote electric mobility

The electric vehicle charging platform for Public Administration
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Boost your business with EVcharge

EVcharge helps you meet your business’s needs
Turn your city into a leading electric mobility city of the future
Provide a recharging facility for citizens with a 100% intuitive APP
Connect with more electric vehicle users through interoperability
Keep your chargers operational 24/7
Maximize the city’s energy efficiency with smart recharge
Manage the EV fleets and collective car parks under your administration


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Personalized APP

Enable your citizens to recharge with a personalized APP, integrated with the city or region in a comfortable and intuitive way.


With EVcharge you can approach electric vehicle users without having to download the APP, from any country with the interoperability available via OCPI.
Benefit from interoperability and connect your city with electric car drivers and with EMSP.
EVcharge is integrated with the most important roaming hubs in Europe.

Total use management

The EVcharge management module enables you to manage users, establish tariffs and perform a time control by sections, as well as organize maintenance tasks, analyse consumption, loads and income, etc.

Stable and available chargers

Manage operations, payments and other relevant commercial information efficiently. All smart maintenance, self-regeneration system and active and remote monitoring functions are at your disposal, enabling you to optimize costs. Availability 24/7.

Your electric fleet

Increase CO2 reduction in your city and manage your municipal recharge fleet in the most efficient way possible.

A platform undergoing constant innovation

Extensive market experience keeps EVcharge constantly adapting and innovating. EVcharge is hardware agnostic and fully scalable hardware, and can be integrated with all manufacturers.

Smart recharge of electric vehicles and recharge balance

Let EVcharge help you create a successful sustainable city model. We provide you with the software platform to start to manage electric vehicle recharging.
EVcharge enables a dynamic balance of the recharge so that you don’t exceed the contracted power.
Integrate your electric mobility business with renewable energies, Smart grids and energy communities…

Secure Payment

EVcharge makes recharging payment easy and provides the opportunity to generate tariffs based on time, kW and occupation of space, etc. EVcharge works with various gateways and payment methods.
Choose how you want citizens to pay and take the opportunity to promote local businesses by offering promotions, discounts and sending notifications.

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The 100% scalable platform to manage the recharge infrastructure.
We offer support to our customers to use the platform to maximize the return on investment.

Charger manufacturers integrated with EVCharge

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Discover how EVcharge can help you smart manage electric mobility.

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