Emobility service providers

Provide a quality service and guarantee maximum user satisfaction and retention.

Electric vehicle recharging solution with its own look and idea for electric mobility service providers
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Boost your business with EVcharge

EVcharge helps you meet your business’s needs
Connect your customers with available recharging networks
Increase user loyalty through a high level of satisfaction
Learn about drivers’ behaviour and optimize the management of their electric vehicle fleet
Provide promotions and offers for your customers based on their habits
Optimize and maximize contact and profit per customer
With business intelligence, provide products or services dynamically


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Connections via OCPI, and the integration with interoperability HUBs enable you to connect your customers with other recharging networks belonging to multiple CPOs.

Brand Personalization

Offer your customers a personalized app, adapted to your needs. Make EVcharge your own development to introduce it to your customers who want to get their own brand.

Notifications and messages

EVcharge enables you to send notifications to users with commercial promotions, discounts and information of interest.

Constant evolution

EVcharge is your road map to the best advances in market standards: OCPP, OCPI, IEC, EN, ISO-15118, amongst others.

Reduce expenses and go electric

Switch to an electric vehicle fleet and reduce operational costs for your cars. The saving on a combustion engine car vs. an electric car represents 15% over 100,000 kilometres

A platform undergoing constant innovation

Extensive market experience keeps EVcharge constantly adapting and innovating. EVcharge is hardware agnostic and can be integrated with all manufacturers
Unlimited scaling for your charger and user network on EVcharge. Integrate your electric mobility business with renewable energies, Smart grids and energy communities…

Total use management

The EVcharge management module enables you to manage users, differentiate internal users who charge for free from external users who will have to pay for charging, establish tariffs and perform a time control, as well as organize maintenance tasks, analyse consumption, loads and income, etc.

Easy contract management

For as long as required, EVcharge Easily gathers in an easy way information needed to bill customers and users.
The management of domains and superdomains enables you to organize your business, customers, contracts and transparency in information on charging sessions and cost centres.
Agile rooming contract management.

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The 100% scalable platform to manage the recharge infrastructure.
We offer support to our customers to use the platform to maximize the return on investment.

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