Sixt Rent a Car – Recharge point management with EVcharge



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Sixt Rent a Car – Recharge point management with EVcharge

The automotive world is making great strides towards sustainability and electric mobility. Within this revolution, the success story of the strategic alliance between Sixt Rent a Car and EVcharge stands out.

Sixt is an international car rental company founded in 1912 in Germany. In Spain it stands out for its strong presence in the main cities and airports. They offer a wide range of modern, high-quality vehicles, from economy cars to luxury vehicles, including vans and other types of transport.

It is currently one of the leading car rental companies in the world.


Innovating towards electric mobility

Sixt Rent a Car, aware of the growing environmental demands and market potential, decided to take a step forward by adding an impressive range of electric cars to its fleet. By the end of 2022, Sixt purchased 100,000 electric cars consisting of the following models: Tesla Model Y, BMW I3, BMW IX, BMW I7 and MERCEDES-BENZ EQV.

However, they faced a challenge: ensuring an accessible and efficient internal charging network for their electric vehicles across Europe.


A partner up to the challenge

Sixt required a platform capable of managing its recharging points, accessible from the various offices and guaranteeing secure operations. The plus: the ability to self-diagnose and restart in real time, minimising the need for dedicated maintenance staff.

EVcharge, with its scalable approach, proved to be the ideal partner. Mobile app integration makes it easy for the Sixt team to locate and transact recharge transactions at strategic points.


Expansion and scalability

With the collaboration agreement of Sixt Rent a Car and EVcharge, in March 2019 they installed 9 semi-fast 22 kW chargers: 1 in Madrid, 4 in La Palma and 4 in El Prat de Llobregat.

This year 2023, more offices have joined the electrification of the fleet and expanded their charging infrastructure, digitally connecting to EVcharge with 7 additional chargers distributed between Barcelona and La Palma: 2 ultra-fast 120 kW, 4 semi-fast 14.8 kW and 1 slow 7.4 kW.

The diversity of the chargers reflects an adaptation to the different needs and contexts in which users may find themselves, thus trying to satisfy a wider public.

All are backed by a maintenance and customer service contract offered by EVcharge and Etecnic, guaranteeing an optimal user experience with the two leading brands in electric mobility.


A partnership committed to sustainable mobility

The collaboration between Sixt Rent a Car and EVcharge has gone beyond a simple business partnership. It represents a commitment to sustainable mobility, innovation and excellence in customer service.

Today, thanks to this union, Sixt customers can leave the airport and Sixt Rent-a-car offices with their vehicle fully charged from Madrid, Barcelona, El Prat de Llobregat and La Palma with the confidence of having an efficient and reliable recharging network. Undoubtedly, a model to follow in the future of electric mobility.

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