EVpower – Complete charging solution to operate and manage a charging network in Portugal



EV power





EVpower – Complete charging solution to operate and manage a charging network in Portugal

EVpower is a Portugal-based company focused on the business of selling and installing charging points for electric vehicles. With more than 700 installations in public administrations and private companies in Portugal, EVpower has the outlook to continue scaling the business and to open in new countries, such as Spain. In addition to operating its own network of charging points, an important part of its business is the distribution of electric energy through an intelligent control system.

All of the technical solutions mentioned above are achieved thanks to EVcharge (and Etecnic energy & Mobility as part of the group of companies specialized in engineering projects) who has offered a customized solution to facilitate the development of the services provided by a CPO (Charge Point Operators) and the Distribution and selling of energy. EVcharge has developed for EVpower a white label software adapted to the specific needs of its market as well as a mobile application that allows them to offer a product that delivers a service towards EV users with a competitive advantage in comparison with the current operators in Portugal.

In this manner, the solutions offered by the platform EVcharge, make it possible to exploit efficiently and with guarantees both the company’s energy control and sales service, as well as the management and operation of its recharging network.

Francisco Gomes, CEO of EVpower, tells us the details of this business case in the following video:


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