Operation Management

Advanced solution to take control of your recharging infrastructures.

Up-to-date status of your recharge points in real time.

Manages charger data on the premises. Control power, price per kWh, reserves and status.
Our operations manager is the base that will allow you to control and know every last detail of your recharging infrastructure.
Most manufacturers include standard connection protocols that allow you to connect, manage and even repair chargers from the head office.

Whatever the system, module or version of your platform, the operations manager can provide you information and resource to put you one step ahead of other management systems.

Key features

  • Add, edit and manage chargers and its sockets.
  • Remote updating and configuration.
  • Remote on/off switch.
  • Price and rate management.
  • Automatic billing.
  • Control charging permits of the charger.
  • Activation and deactivation of charging sockets.
  • Dynamic station map with status indicators for charger and its sockets.
  • Charging network statistics.
  • Complies with calibration regulations.
Rates & Billing

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