Maintaining control of a fleet of vehicles can be a challenge for small and medium companies, especially if we consider that these vehicles are electric. And, it is essential to manage the status of each vehicle in order to offer a quality service to the end users. In this post we will tell you about the advantages of using electric vehicle management software.

What are the benefits of a software to manage the fleet management of electric vehicles?

Having access to a software that keeps the electric fleet data updated 24 hours a day is especially important to the companies that need to be a reliable service provider. For example, this may be the case for the electric vehicle rental companies that rely on the end costumer to occupy their cars. For this reason, it is essential to fully control the condition and status of each of the vehicles to ensure the best service possible.

One of the main benefits of fleet management software is that the complete state of the fleet’s energy can be known in real time. This absolute control allows the business to offer a better service, react faster and have a full knowledge of what is happening with the vehicles. The fact that the software can be customised according to the needs and sizes of each fleet is essential to manage the company efficiently, as well as to deliver a better service.

EVcharge, as a SaaS platform hosted in the cloud, allows a full access to the detailed information about the fleet such as consumption data, the costs, and the information on the users and the vehicles, from any device. Likewise, knowing the needs of each business case, it can be customized as much as needed, going from the language to payment methods, rates, functionalities, navigation, charging points, and much more.

Another benefit to highlight is the fact that a fleet management software allows reducing the cost of energy expenses, both for the vehicles themselves and at the recharging points. This is due to the fact that by integrating all the information in one place, it is possible to analyse the time bands in which it is not necessary to maintain a high supply of energy and thus, avoid any excess in consumption. Also, maintenance and recharging decisions are significantly easier to make based on the detailed analysis instead of random choices.

On the other hand, depending on the electric vehicle fleet management software a company has, there is a technical support to rely on, anticipating any possible incidents. In case of the EVcharge software, a 24/7 connection system issues alerts if a problem is found at the charging points. This is possible due to the fact that the software is designed with advanced self-diagnostic systems. These systems are configured in a smart way so when a deficiency is detected, it is diagnosed and the software user is warned. On top of that, the accessibility of the service is ensured by a professional customer service team.

Complete software, for small, medium and large fleets

At EVcharge we offer a platform for all sizes of recharging networks. Whether your company is small or medium, or if it is a large operator.

In any case, we have two modalities:

  1. Pay per use

This type of software is designed for companies with a small or medium recharging network. Through this interface, you can manage rates, billing, the contracted power. In addition, you will be able to monitor your charging points and you will have direct access to the EVcharge APP.

  1. Brand management at EVcharge

This modality focuses on those brands that need to have total control and customization of the software. In this case, the platform can be integrated into the brand’s own server or those of EVcharge, in both cases it is guaranteed to have a fully updated platform. This mode allows you to have an unlimited number of recharging points, users, vehicles, etc.

User-friendly interface to promote a better user experience

We previously commented that one of the benefits of having fleet management software with EVcharge is that, depending on the needs of each company, it can be complemented with other services and all data is interconnected.

In this sense, a very good option is to offer a mobile application for users, as it allows them to:

  • Quickly and easily identify the nearest charging points,
  • Manage payments safely,
  • Keep a record of previous loads,
  • Receive alerts about available chargers.

These benefits help make the user experience with the electric vehicle much easier and more comfortable, considerably encouraging its use. And the user experience makes for a satisfied customer base, which is the ultimate business goal.


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