Installation help and use of the EVcharge APP

Atencion! In order to manage the recharge of your electric vehicle with your mobile, the first thing you should do is download the EVcharge application.


Attention au client: support@etecnic.es | +34 977 595 549

1. Registration


When you install the application you will be asked to register, you can connect your accounts (gmail, Android, iOs, email) or create a new account. If you create a new account, remember to fill in all your details and confirm your email address.

2. Nearby charger

cargador cercano

The GPS of your mobile phone will locate the charger relative to where you are and where you can charge your vehicle.

3. Charge map

mapa de descarga

You can also see the nearest chargers from the map or list of chargers (main menu) and navigate to them.

4. Charging proces

proceso de carga

Once you select the charger, select the socket and set the time or amount energy you want to charge.

5. Charging proces II

proceso de carga

Once you have selected the time or power, you can confirm the charge. If the charger is free, it will indicate 0€, if it is a paid charger, it will ask for a card (see next step) and it will show you the amount.

6. Payment cards

targeta de pago

If you do not own any associated cards, the application will automatically direct you to the screen to add one. You will be able to securely add your credit or debit card.

7. Start Charge

iniciar la carga

Once you have confirmed the charge, follow the instructions on the screen. Connect the cable to the car and click START CHARGING
* Remember that depending on the type of charger the steps may differ.

8. Charging interruption

interrumpir la carga

During the charging process you will be able to see the status from your mobile phone. You can also interrupt/end charging at any time.
The application will only charge you for the actual time or energy consumed.

9. Charge Successfully Finished!

carga finalizada.con exito

In case you do NOT interrupt the charging process, the application will give you a warning at the end of the charging process so you can disconnect the cables and complete the charging process

Also remember that the EVcharge application also has many more functions to manage reservations, statistics, etc …