Mercabarna – 14 new recharging points with EVcharge software







Mercabarna – 14 new recharging points with EVcharge software

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New EV recharging points in Mercabarna with EVcharge software

Charge your electric car at Mercabarna with EVcharge

Since July 2022, Mercabarna has added five new chargers that have saved 33,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

As part of the actions to promote more sustainable mobility and logistics, the food park that brings together the wholesale markets of the city of Barcelona and the surrounding area has, since July 2022, five new electric vehicle chargers.


Mercabarna has a total of 14 recharging points

The new charging points, located on Carrer Marina del Prat Vermell (2), Carrer Transversal (1) and Carrer Major (2), are in addition to the nine existing charging points between the Biomarket and the P2 car park on Carrer Major in Mercabarna.

The new installation was carried out between May and July last year by the installation company Punto de Recarga Coche (PRC), who took charge of both the installation of the chargers and the start-up of the service with great professionalism.

Since then, the food park has four new semi-fast chargers (22kw) from the Catalan company Circutor and a new fast charger from the American manufacturer ABB. All of them come with the EVcharge user service.

Since the first charger was commissioned, the new installation, the result of the successful collaboration with PRC, has satisfied 2,964 charges from 92 users, equivalent to a total energy of 39,137 kwh.


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The transition to cleaner and more sustainable electric mobility

Saving CO2 emissions is crucial, as it is one of the main greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. The transport sector is responsible for a large part of these emissions, so the transition to cleaner and more sustainable electric mobility is essential to mitigate climate change.

The joint EVcharge and PRC project has saved 32,889kg of CO2, which is equivalent to, for example, travelling 427,557km on the metro, getting 394,668 portions of rice or running a refrigerator for more than 3,119 years.

PRC is currently installing a new charger with two 22kW outlets at the Mercaflores flower market. This charger will also be integrated with the EVcharge platform.

EVcharge is delighted to partner with businesses that are accelerating the transition to electric mobility.


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