Management of Sixt Rent a Car EV charging points in the airports







Management of Sixt Rent a Car EV charging points in the airports

‘Sixt Rent a Car’, a car rental company, extends its range of rental vehicles by implementing a large fleet of electric cars. Now wants to manage all the charging points for its rental electric vehicles located throghout Europe.

Sixt Rent a Car is searching for a company that can offer you the possibility of managing all the points from several offices, in a secure and stable manner.

To build customer loyalty, the company wants this platform to extend into mobile applications, which will provide its end-users with the location and connections required for charging at different points of the road network.

The company has made clear that it does not intend to have personnel dedicated to the maintenance of the charging points. Therefore, they have requested that the charging points be self-diagnosed and retain the ability to be restarted in real time from any of its facilities or from the head office.

Once the proposal has been presented and all nuances refined, Sixt Rent a Car will reach an agreement with EVcharge for the management of its charging network. This implementation process is currently under progress as the company continues to increase its electric fleet.

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