La Morea – 32 new charging points for electric vehicles



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La Morea – 32 new charging points for electric vehicles

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EVcharge inaugurates 32 new charging points for electric vehicles in La Morea, Navarra

On 27 April 2023, 32 new charging points for electric vehicles were inaugurated in La Morea shopping centre (Cordovilla, Navarra). This project makes E-Park the largest electric vehicle charging station in the north of Spain.


A joint project

This initiative arises from the collaboration between Ingeteam‘s chargers, ENERparking‘s solar panels, the installation, management and maintenance of the chargers thanks to Etecnic and its own EVcharge monitoring and charging control software. All of them have the common goal of favouring the change towards a more sustainable urban mobility and a better user experience.

The new charging points, integrated within the EVcharge managed charging network, feature advanced monitoring and control technology, ensuring safe and worry-free charging.

This project stands out for its commitment to renewable energy, as it is a solar car park that is committed to sustainable electric mobility. During the inauguration, Reinout das, CEO of ENERparking, highlighted the teamwork and innovation in this initiative:

This work perfectly reflects what teamwork is all about: knowledge, creativity, innovation and courage. We are proud to be able to present this project, which takes solar energy to another level.

Cars powered by the sun is a dream that we can live up to.


Customised recharging for each customer

La Morea shopping centre’s new electro-lift station has 12 FUSION (dual 22kW fast charge chargers in alternating current) and 4 RAPID 120 (dual 120kW ultra-fast charge chargers in direct current), offering a customised generation and recharging solution for each customer.




This is great news for electric vehicle owners in Navarra. This station, which is powered by photovoltaic energy, means that you can charge while you go shopping, leisure or gastronomic activities at the Morea Shopping Centre in Cordovilla.

Etecnic and EVcharge contribute their experience in the management of the charging network and highlight the importance of this initiative in the promotion of sustainable electric mobility.

We are proud to have collaborated with our partners in the installation of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and to have joined the electric station to the #EVCharge charger network with Etecnic, which guarantees a smooth and trouble-free charging experience for users,” says the company Enerparking.


A major step towards sustainable electric mobility

The inauguration of the 32 new charging points for electric vehicles at La Morea represents a major step forward in promoting electric mobility and the commitment to renewable energy sources in the automotive sector.

In addition, the solar roof at the La Morea petrol station is a concrete example of how we can use clean energy to promote electric mobility in an environmentally responsible way.

At Etecnic, we offer customised power generation and charging solutions adapted to each customer’s needs, demonstrating our commitment to driving the shift towards greener and more sustainable mobility.

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