EVcharge: The software that guarantees the success of the charging infrastructure in summer


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EVcharge: The software that guarantees the success of the charging infrastructure in summer

In summer, the demand for electric vehicle chargers increases. The growing popularity of sustainable mobility has led to a significant increase in the creation of charging infrastructure.
However, with summer also comes challenges, as peak usage can lead to equipment-related problems.
In this context, the EVcharge solution presents itself as the perfect product to help public and private charging companies keep optimal control over their chargers, allowing them to be managed, maintained (preventive and corrective) and charged efficiently.


The boom of Electric Mobility and its challenges

Electric mobility has experienced exponential growth in recent years due to its environmental and economic benefits. According to data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) in the “Global EV Outlook 2022” report, global electric vehicle sales reached a record 5.1 million units in 2021, representing an increase of 41% compared to the previous year. This increase has driven an increase in demand for charging stations, especially during the summer months, when more people take longer trips.


The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has recognised the fundamental role of electric mobility in reducing emissions and improving air quality in cities. According to its studies, the recommended distance for electric vehicles on long journeys during the summer season is between 200 and 300 kilometres, which shows the viability of this technology to cover significant distances.


This increase in demand for electric charging has also led to worries about the existing infrastructure. A report by the Association of Electrical Equipment Manufacturers (AFAE) reveals that during the summer months, electric charging stations experience a 30% increase in daily usage, which can subject them to overload and cause damage to their components.


To address these challenges, companies such as EVcharge have developed specialised software solutions that ensure the correct maintenance of electric charging stations. These systems provide efficient monitoring of the stations, detecting potential problems and facilitating their early resolution.



EVcharge’s Role in Operation and Good Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

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EVcharge is an advanced software designed to optimise the management of electric vehicle charging networks. Its main focus is to allow companies to have complete management and control over their charging stations, which is essential to face the challenges associated with the electric summer.

This platform offers several functionalities that contribute to an efficient maintenance plan:


  • Real-time monitoring: EVcharge provides a real-time view of the charging and status of each charging point. This allows companies to identify potential overloads and abuses in real time, taking preventative measures before major problems.


  • Notifications and Alerts: The software is equipped with an alert system that informs administrators of important events, such as overloads, extended load times or infrastructure failures. This enables a quick and efficient response to critical situations.


  • Maintenance Planning: EVcharge facilitates the programming of preventive maintenance tasks, assuring that chargers are kept in optimal condition during peak summer demand. In addition, historical data analysis can be performed to identify patterns and anticipate potential future problems.


  • User Management and Billing: The platform enables user management and billing of charging services, ensuring responsible use of the infrastructure and preventing abuse by certain users.


  • Integration and Scalability: EVcharge is highly adaptable and can be integrated with other fleet and energy management systems. This makes it a scalable solution that adapts to future growth of the charging infrastructure.



The importance of hiring a good maintenance contractor.

As summer approaches and demand for electric vehicle charging peaks, it is essential that companies have a maintenance contract in place to ensure operability with end users.

El software EVcharge se erige como una solución integral para enfrentar estos desafíos, al permitir una supervisión en tiempo real, una planificación de mantenimiento efectiva y una gestión responsable de la infraestructura. Al adoptar esta tecnología, las empresas pueden asegurarse de que sus cargadores estén siempre listos para recibir a los vehículos eléctricos facilitando la movilidad sostenible de los usuarios en su descanso laboral.

EVcharge software stands as a complete solution to address these challenges by allowing real-time monitoring, effective maintenance planning and responsible infrastructure management. By adopting this technology, companies can ensure that their chargers are always ready to receive electric vehicles, enabling sustainable mobility for users on their work break.




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