Urbansol Network

The Urbansol Network is one of the first interoperability projects in Spain. The objective is Sustainable and Smart Interurban development aimed at improving the border strip between Spain and Portugal; improving the efficient use of resources and services; implementing a low carbon economy; and fostering energy self-sufficiency. Interoperability is being carried out by the Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX).

On 14 May 2020, the Urbansol Network interoperability project was awarded to Elecnor Extremadura with the collaboration of Etecnic Energy & Mobility. On the one hand, Elecnor is responsible for the installation and supply of four electric vehicle charging points between Extremadura and Portugal. Conversely, Etecnic implements the interoperable management system for the charging points thanks to the charging point management software and the EVcharge application (electric mobility and energy efficiency software).

What is the interoperability of the Urbansol network?

Interoperability consists of open communication and data exchange between the devices and/or software systems of different charging point operators and electric mobility service providers. Translating this to the Urbansol network, it means that any user using this network will be able to access public chargers without restrictions, regardless of who operates/manages the charging point: