BSM is the acronym for Barcelona Serveis Municipals, a Barcelona City Council company that is responsible for managing and improving some of the infrastructures related to leisure, culture, biodiversity, and mobility. Its mission is to “improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and to build a cutting-edge and healthy Barcelona”.

EVcharge is currently working on the development to enable OCPI interoperability of all BSM public chargers through the software. Soon, the EVcharge app will enable electric vehicle users to activate all public chargers managed by BSM.

It should be noted that Etecnic Energy & Mobility, a company that forms part of the same business group as EVcharge, is responsible for the preventive and corrective maintenance of the 120 public “on Street” chargers that BSM manages in the city of Barcelona. In addition to carrying out this maintenance through a joint venture with SECE (Smart Lighting & City Technologies), Etecnic has also overseen expanding the facilities of 12 public car parks with the installation of 36 new charging points.