Electric cars are increasingly valued by people around the world, and one of their main benefits is that they have zero emissions and eco-friendly, allowing to take care of the environment through sustainable mobility. This is especially important if we consider the current pollution levels and mobility restrictions that many European cities are putting on traditional vehicles. Here we will explain some of the reasons why you should have an electric car.

Before we start talking about the reasons for having an electric car, it is important that you understand how an electric car works in order to understand the benefits that come with it.


How does an electric car work?

Electric cars store their energy in a rechargeable battery, from which one or two motors are fed, depending on the model. The motor will transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, allowing the car to move.

The motor of an electric car consists of 3 elements:

  1. Charger – it receives all the energy from the plug and then transforming it into direct current.
  2. Inverter – it transforms direct current to alternating current.
  3. Controller – which manages the electric current of the car.

The electric motor is very efficient and does not require a gear change, nor does it have a clutch. Therefore, driving an electric car is the same as driving an automatic one.

On the other hand, the battery will determine the autonomy of the car, therefore it is very important to look at the capacity that the vehicle has, since the higher it is, the more kilometres it can travel.

The battery of an electric car has two possible ways of recharging, on the one hand, by plugging the vehicle into the current or, on the other hand, by means of a regeneration system.


What are the advantages of an electric car?

Zero emissions

Ecology-related benefits are a significant factor in the electric car choice. The reduction in carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions is indeed substantial. And, since these types of cars do not need any type of fuel to function and only depends on energy, it does not emit polluting gases that affect the planet. Add the green energy to the mix and you are in for a truly eco-friendly solution.

Fuel cost savings

If you compare the energy cost and the fuel cost, the energy cost per kilometre is considerably cheaper. Also, if we consider the efficiency of the energy transmission, the electric motor is much more efficient than an internal combustion one. Of course, everything will depend on the size of the battery and the energy recharge that is carried out.

Tax reductions

To encourage the purchase of electric vehicles, some European councils and governments grant tax benefits to those who buy this type of car. So too, there are help plans.

For example, in Spain, the General Directorate of Transit grants the 0 blue environmental label, which is focused on battery electric vehicles, extended range electric vehicles, or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. This label allows circulation (in case it is limited by contamination), parking without time limitation in green or blue squares, among others.

Very low maintenance

Compared to a traditional fuel car, the electric car needs very little maintenance, which allows noticeable savings in this regard. This is because its maintenance practically focuses on the condition of the battery and electric motors as it does not use the same components as a fuel one. For example, it will no longer be necessary to check the clutch, gearbox, oil, etc.

More comfortable driving

Electric vehicles are known for making virtually no sound when in operation. This adds to the smooth ride experienced by people in the car.

Another benefit that many like is that driving is simpler. Being a vehicle that does not have gears or clutch, simplicity is a distinguishing factor of this type of vehicle. Only, and like automatic cars, the gear is distinguished to go backwards or forwards.


Where can an electric vehicle be recharged? 

There are various recharging points nationwide and in different European countries. And it is that the sale of electric vehicles is increasingly high worldwide.

It is becoming more and more common for municipalities and governments themselves to worry about building public parking spaces for only this type of vehicle. Likewise, the renting companies or gas stations themselves have established charging points.

If you are interested in locating the charging points, and organizing the management of your electric vehicle, we recommend that you download the free EVcharge app. In a single click, you will be able to access the list of the closest chargers, details of the charges made, availability of the chargers, pay for the charges, and much more.